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The FAWCO Post Conference Indian-themed lunch and discussion at my house on April 26th was a great success with 17 members in attendance.  Despite a few technical hitches, I managed, and with the help of Maggie and Linda, to let people know what went on at the conference and to indicate where they could go on the FAWCO website to get more information on anything of interest.

One of the big introductions at the conference was that of the new online FAWCO magazine, Inspiring Women.  The first edition was also distributed in hardcopy form to members who had attended the conference.  It has gained rave reviews. Maggie and Linda both kindly gave me copies of this edition and I will put them on the shelves at the clubhouse if anyone would like to have a read.  Alternatively, and I promised to include this in the newsletter, it is available online at the link:

Inspiring Women - Spring Issue

FAWCO heartily encourage all readers to submit feedback via the survey in the magazine. 

 Target Project

The Target Project was announced- Hope Beyond Displacement as the 2017-2019 FAWCO Target Project.  We have raised an amazing €425 so far for this project (thankyou again for your efforts) and I will organize the sending of these funds via PayPal from our account before the end of the financial year. We will continue to raise funds for this project over the next two years and I will be planning a couple of events in the next club year, if I am still the FAWCO representative for AWG.

FAWCO's New Website

I would very much like to encourage you to visit the updated FAWCO website.  You can login securely as a member with a username and password of your choosing. There has beenmuch positive feedback about the new "look and feel" and FAWCO hope to continue to receive comments and suggestions,website. So please take time to visit the updated site, look around, and let me or FAWCO know what you think. We would love to hear from you! Any general comments should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

I would also like to highlight and share the message from the new President of FAWCO, Sallie Chaballier (AAWE Paris)-she has published her first issue of Connections - Letter From Headquarters. In it, she has shared some of her hopes for the coming 2017-2019 Board Term. If you would like to read Sallie’s message, you can find ithereon the FAWCO website.

 Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about FAWCO or if you need help in accessing FAWCO information.