Writer's bloc

scriveners   The group was developed for people who enjoy writing as well as provide a forum for them to be able to stimulate the excercise of writing. This past year, there were various themes included "Soup" and "Through the keyhole". Since the group was started twenty-two compositions have been completed.  

 Contact Pam.

Wednesday 14 June at 14h30 at  Rosie's.
Contact: Pam Izard
The writers’ recent compositions, prose and poem, on “The Elephant” were amusing and varied.(the Asian elephant in danger, white elephant, elephant in a china shop, etc) 
The subject of the next writing assignment is “A Most Embarrassing Moment.” The writers will send their 1-2 page compositions to fellow writers at least a day ahead of the meeting so that they come to the meeting with comments and suggestions.