23 May Anniversary Lunch

1986 seems like yesterday and forever ago at the same time. Some things have changed and others have not. The American Women’s Group is still here. The Patriots were in the Superbowl then too. They lost to the Bears, but they still made it to the finals. That was the year we first saw the Superbowl shuffle and the year Mike Tyson won his first boxing title. The Oprah Winfrey Show took over the afternoons for some and Top Gun and Out of Africa were at the movies. Rock Me Amadeus was the song and France and England agreed on building the Channel Tunnel. Pixar was born after Lucas accepted the only offer he had for funding from Steve Jobs. There were some things that we would like to forget like the Challenger and the Iran Contra, but other things that we will always want to remember like celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day for the first time. So many things happened that year like every year. But for us, this year will always be special.

Join us for our annual Anniversary Luncheon. Please find below the menu choices.  When you receive the Evite, please RSVP with your choice for each course.

 Les Entrées

• Soleîade de brandade, rillette de thon & poivronade - Toast
• Chèvre pané, tartare de betteraves à l’huile de noisette
• Millefeuille, aubergines, tomates, courgette, basilic

 Les Plats

• Joue de porc confite au cidre et petits légumes
 • Rouille de seiche façon sétoise
• Tournedos de volaille en robe de tapenade 
• Tortellini ricotta épinards et mesclun

Les Desserts

• Le tartare d’ananas à la menthe et sa glace
• Duo de fromages
• La profiterole XL 

Café & Vin du tonneau

RSVP: Tuesday 16 May
Price: 20€ AWG members  payment by check preferred
Contact: Rachel