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Transportation in Languedoc

Montpellier and the surrounding villages have an excellent public transportation system. 
Refer to the City of Montpellier's website: www.ot-montpellier.fr/en/access/  or consult

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  • TAM (Transports de l'Agglomération de Montpellier) -                     

                 *  Metropolitan Buses

         *   Tramway

                  * Vélomag

Tramway stops have schedules posted.  Service on Sundays and public holidays is less frequent than on weekdays.
The same tickets are used for the buses and trams.  For example, one ticket can be used for one hour but may not be used as a return ticket. Single ride, three ride and ten ride tickets can be purchased at Tabac shops, some newspaper stores and at major tram stations (using machines). 
 Credit cards and cash (coins only) are accepted at some locations, primarily the major tram stops.  Parking at the major tram stops (for Line 1 - Mosson, Euromédicine, Occitanie and Odysseum, and for Line 2 - parking at Notre Dame de Sablassou and at Sabines tramway stations) is available. 
 In addition to parking, the ticket allows you to travel and return via the tram.  All people traveling in the same vehicle will receive a return ticket (to be used the same day) at the parking location.
The Ronde (large red bus) links various buses and the tram in a larger circle outside the city center.  Contact the main TAM office for a map of the route, the various stops, and the schedule. 

  • Airport Buses

The Navette is the bus service from the center of Montpellier to the airport - Montpellier MéditerranéeThis service departs from a bus stop on the south-facing side of the road that goes to the airport, adjacent to the bronze sculptures and near the Place de l'Europe

Tram stops (both lines 1 and 2).  Call Hérault Transport for the schedule (04 67 92 01 43), or check it at the bus stop.  Bus frequency is about hourly.

For navette schedules and further information, go to the following link:http://www.montpellier.aeroport.fr/(Airport Access button then Taxis/Shuttles).
Go to the flag of Great Britain (upper RHS) to read the site in English.