The 2019 FAWCO Foundation Development Grant Ballot

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There are seven Development Grants being offered in 2019 - three in the area of Education, one focusing on the Environment, one in the field of Health and two for Human Rights. Twenty-nine projects in total have been nominated. The projects in each category receiving the most votes will be awarded those Grants.

We as a club have one ballot. I will submit our collective vote. It was not permitted to share the weblink so I have copied the project descriptions below for you to choose. I have numbered and color-coded the projects in each category to make it easier.  

  • Education: Choose 3 projects between numbers 1-11.
  • Environment: Choose 1 project from numbers 12-14.
  • Health: Choose 1 project from numbers 15-22. 
  • Human Rights: Choose 2 projects from numbers 23-29.

Please send me an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  simply with the 7 project numbers you would like to vote for.


EDUCATION : There are three Education grants available. Please vote for ONLY THREE projects.

  1. Project Name: A Kindergarten for Tribal Children in Rural India

Location: Hazarwadi, Maharashtra, India

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 8 years

Parent Organization: Nandanvan Trust (Integrated Tribal and Watershed Development Program), Jesuitenmission Nurnberg, Germany

Website: www.jesuitenmission.de/projekte/projekte-in-asien/indien/watershed-programm.html

Project Funding Breakdown:

Labor: masonry, carpentry, plumbing, electrical    $1700

Construction materials: cement, steel, wood, paint, wiring              $3400

Sanitation equipment: toilet, sinks, pipes $200

Misc.: windows, doors, ventilation system              $200

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the Grant::Nandanvan has successfully used watershed development ("catching the rain") in desertified areas of Maharashtra, India to replenish groundwater, to increase agricultural production, and to improve the lives of tribal inhabitants, amongst the poorest people of India. To ensure the sustainability of this socio-economic advancement, it is essential that children, especially girls, of these communities receive an education. Fundamental learning skills and habits necessary for attending public schools can be acquired in kindergarten. This DG will finance construction of a kindergarten building in Hazarwadi to serve 48 tribal families in three villages, where a watershed program was just completed. The 50m2 building will contain a classroom, kitchen, and sanitation facilities. A needed foundation for future education will be provided, bringing sustainability to the new socio-economic growth.

  1. Project Name: Center for Families and Children to Read and Learn

Location: Murang'a County, Kenya

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 5 years

Parent Organization: Stahili Foundation

Website: www.stahili.org

Project Funding Breakdown:

Conversion of container into workable library space           $3000

Books and resources (office and stationary supplies, chairs, tables, etc.)     $2500

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the Grant:Poverty and lack of access to good education have been driving forces of family separation in parts of Kenya, leading many children to live in orphanages even though they have families. Education and training services for children and their caregivers are key factors in keeping families together. The DG funds will establish a community learning facility and library for families and children in Murang'a County, Kenya, which will be created from a converted shipping container. The Centre will be the first library in the community and will host innovative educational programming to primarily aid women and children and strengthen independent and resilient families. Through education, families will be able to enjoy a space where they can learn, read, and grow together.

  1. Project Name: Euphrasia Women's Centre Training Programs

Location: Ngong, Kenya

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 25 years

Parent Organization: Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd

Website: www.ewc.co.ke

Project Funding Breakdown:

Training materials: dress making /design/hairdressing/beauty         $1400

Training materials: cookery and baking     $1800

Lunch/Tea for trainees (daily nutrition guaranteed)             $1500

Water tank (basic sanitation and program operation)         $800

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the Grant: Euphrasia Women's Centre (EWC) addresses problems defined by FAWCO as critical: unemployment, crime, prostitution, and violence in Ngong, Kenya slums. EWC will train at least 50 women in dressmaking and design; hairdressing and beauty; cookery and baking, giving them the skills for jobs that will generate sustainable income needed to transform their lives. Since its founding in 1992, EWC has implemented its mission through activities that align with FAWCO's own goals of "...providing vocational training, teaching practical skills, promoting social entrepreneurial initiatives". The DG funds will be used to expand EWC's existing successful vocational training programs by purchasing training materials for these trades, leading to economic empowerment for these women and girls, improving their self-esteem and giving them alternatives to prostitution.

  1. Project Name: Gardens Within Walls

Location: Casablanca, Morocco

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 1 and a half years

Parent Organization: Relais

Website: n/a

Project Funding Breakdown:

Social worker (30% salary)            $1200

Training costs: Trainer (2.5 days/week)     $3000

Vegetable garden equipment: (tools, seeds)           $900

Hen house equipment     $400

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the Grant:: This project is part of the reintegration of underage girls into society through support and training, using the DG funds to build a vegetable garden and raise chickens for eggs. The project will be carried out at the Abdessalam Bennani Childhood Protection Center. The detainees are girls aged between 5 and 18 years old. Personal development is one of the most effective levers for better social integration and combating recidivism. Alienation, lack of self-confidence, lack of self-esteem and the fear of not being accepted in society explain the high rates of recidivism. Increased confidence and skill learning, thanks to the activities proposed, will have a positive impact on their place of life at the center, therefore on society. The animal-based therapy will assist in creating an opportunity to be responsible for animals and develop a rapport with them.

  1. Project Name: Handwerkerinnenhaus: Broadening Career Paths for Girls

Location: Köln, Germany

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 3 and a half years

Parent Organization: n/a

Website: www.handwerkerinnenhaus.org

Project Funding Breakdown:

Teaching materials:         $350

Tools/machinery:             $560

Materials (wood, metal fittings, coatings, paint)   $1150

Publicity/outreach to schools       $250

Meals    $115

Personnel costs  $3075

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the Grant: When girls don't finish school, they are vulnerable! They lack skills to negotiate the world around them; employment opportunities are limited, and they are at greater risk of being trafficked or otherwise compromised. Broadening Career Paths for Girls with the DG funds will provide critical interventions at differing stages of drop-out risk for girls in grades 5-10, many of whom come from challenging backgrounds. Through courses supported by professional craftswomen, educators and social workers, girls learn the basics of craftsmanship, operating machinery and safety measures. They receive career counseling, help find internships, structure and a safe place to work. Girls who have left school are able to complete their academic requirements. They rediscover a love of learning through practical application; their confidence grows, and self-esteem returns. They are back on track gaining skills, which will allow them to earn a livelihood and achieve independence.

  1. Project Name: Hope Alive Foundation - Mary Handley initiative on Child Health and Education, Tertiary Education Project

Location: Malawi, East Africa

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 60 years

Parent Organization: The American Women's Association of Rome

Website: www.awar.org

Project Funding Breakdown:

6 student's tuition for 3 terms      $450

Primary school uniforms for 43 children   $417

2 sewing machines           $778

Carpentry and joinery tools           $730

2 sets bricklaying equipment         $287

2 welding machines, tools and materials  $556

Materials and supplies for use during classes          $150

Qualified tutors from TEVET to teach, certify and assess    $1042

Counselling/12 months, workshop and schools     $700

Transport for supervision of activities and school visits      $100

Additional office/internet expenses project related             $190

Contingency fund for additional materials and equipment repairs   $100

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the Grant::Children are currently assisted up to completion of secondary school - tuition fees, uniforms, books and materials are provided. Graduation is a huge achievement in difficult circumstances, but it rarely leads to employment. There is need to support more children in the completion of secondary school education and to create a Tertiary Education Project to provide skills training during the important transition period from high school graduation to financially independent adults. The DG funds would be used for tuition fees for 6 children and school uniforms for 43 and provision of skills training for graduates in the areas of tailoring, brick laying, plumbing, welding and joinery. The project would involve acquisition of equipment, hiring of qualified tutors to train, assess and issue recognized certification.

  1. Project Name: Hope Schools

Location: East London, South Africa

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 2 years

Parent Organization: Sophumelela Centre Incorporated

Website: www.hopeschools.net

Project Funding Breakdown:

Textbooks (2 subjects, 10 grades)               $5500

Purpose of the GrantHope Schools (Grade 00 - Grade 9) provides holistic care for HIV/AIDS infected, affected or orphaned children from the townships and informal settlements of East London so they can become catalysts for improvement in their communities and country. Our children come from severely poverty-stricken homes. Our vision is to grow to Grade 12. The school added Grade 10 in 2019 and now has over 250 learners. We provide transportation, a feeding program, and a first-class education. We receive no government subsidy. The DG funds will allow us to continue building our textbook collection into 2019 and give our children a sense of pride in their "own" textbooks. Currently our teachers photocopy all materials for the children. It is a very time-consuming process that is also not environmentally friendly.

  1. Project Name: Keeping Backpacks Full of Hope

Location: Dakar, Senegal

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 11 years

Parent Organization: Women for Girls, WFG

Website: www.womenforgirls.org

Project Funding Breakdown:

School fees and scholastic books for 58 girls in secondary school   $4600

School supplies for 58 girls - notebooks, paper and pens    $400

Aminata Kouta salary and travel reimbursement   $500

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the GrantSecondary education for impoverished girls delays child marriage and pregnancy, creates increased economic growth, reduces population growth and improves children and women's health. Secondary education can end the vicious cycle of poverty. Keeping Backpacks Full of Hope benefits 174 people - our 58 slum-dwelling girls and their parents - by keeping these girls in secondary school. WFG supported these girls throughout elementary school when there were no school fees and we promised our support until they completed school. The DG funds will pay their school fees, supplies, and increase our coordinator's visits to their families and teachers. Keeping girls in high school is a yearly uphill battle, and so worth fighting; it is one sure way of giving girls the power to make proper choices later in life.

  1. Project Name: Mama Anakuja - Educating Our Children

Location: Malindi, Kenya

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 10 years

Parent Organization: n/a

Website: www.mamaanakuja.org

Project Funding Breakdown:

Primary School feels for 18           children (300 X $18)         $5500

Purpose of the GrantMama Anakuja's Home for Needy Children in Malindi, Kenya is a home to 104 children between the ages of 1 day to 18 years. These previously abandoned children are now cared for in an exceptional manner, fed, clothed, sheltered, receive health care and love. One thing the Home strives for is to give the children a good education, ensuring a brighter future for them all. Their biggest challenge is to find the school fees as they rely entirely on private funding and donations. They currently have 51 children in Primary School and the DG funds would provide the school fees for 18 children in a reputable Primary School for one year. This would really help the Home and give these children the advantage of a good education.

  1. Project Name: Media Matters for Women Presents Mamie & Omo

Location: Sierra Leone, West Africa

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 2 and a half years

Parent Organization: Media Matters for Women

Website: www.mediamattersforwomen.org

Project Funding Breakdown:

Salaries of 2 writers and presenters           $3000

Salary of 1 Executive Producer     $1500

Operations: staff transportation, Internet and mobile phone fees, administrative support in bookkeeping       $500

Equipment: audio recorders, external hard drive for archives, CDs and flash cards for distribution to MMW Listening Centers and radio stations             $500

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the Grant:  Mamie & Omo is an audio podcast, an innovative communication network run by journalists, each reaching 3,000 listeners per month, providing a public space for women's voices to be heard. Although radio is pervasive in Sierra Leone, women still lack information relevant to their lives. Our mission is to connect women and girls with knowledge that enables them to understand and fully enjoy their rights - using mobile phones. Through this, rural women and girls can gain knowledge by hearing timely messages, learn from their peers, share this drama series with friends and family. The DG funds will pay journalist salaries, audio equipment, internet and mobile phone fees and other expenses ensuring access to information and dialogue in local languages, without which these women are unaware of their rights and entitlements and cannot take effective action to challenge injustice and improve their lives.

  1. Project Name: Tools for Equal Opportunities: Tutoring Disadvantaged Girls in Niger

Location: Niamey, Niger

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 6 years

Parent Organization: Association les Amis de Hampaté Bâ

Website: www.lesamishampateba.org

Project Funding Breakdown:


12th grade, scientific track            $,596

12th grade, literary track               $1449

11th grade, scientific track            $490

11th grade, literary track               $490

10th grade, scientific track            $490

10th grade, literary track               $490

9th grade             $490

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the GrantLes Amis de Hampaté Bâ, focuses on educating 50 girls from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds in secondary school in Niamey, Niger. These girls come from illiterate families, have no electricity, walk more than 1 hour each way to school and frequently do not have enough food. Niger is one of the poorest countries in the world, at the bottom of the UN charts for girls' education, and sadly at the top for early marriage. The DG funds will finance a tutoring program with specialized remediation teachers in small groups in key subjects, providing training and ensuring the girls have equal opportunities to not only stay in school, but succeed with diplomas that will help them find employment outside the home and break the cycle of poverty.


ENVIRONMENT.There is one grant available. Please vote for ONLY ONE project.

  1. Project Name: Development of a Cashew Tree Plantation in Rural India

Location: Maharashtra, India

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 8 years

Parent Organization: Integrated Tribal and Watershed Development Program, Jesuitenmission Nurnberg, Germany

Website: http://www.jesuitenmission.de/projekte/projekte-in-asien/indien/watershed programm.html

Project Funding Breakdown:

1500 cashew trees (Anacardium occidentale, grafted variety, 1 meter high, 1.5 years old)   

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the GrantA watershed project has been implemented on 600 hectares in the Palghar District, Maharashtra, India; but there are no funds to buy plants. Thus, the land remains degraded and there is little agricultural activity. The DG funds will be used to purchase 1500 cashew trees to develop a plantation on 16 hectares of land in four rural hamlets inhabited by very poor tribals. The trees will be gifted to 40 farmers and their families (236 adults and children), who will plant, maintain and 6harvest the plantation. The cashew tree plantation will lead to eco-restoration of the degraded land; and for the tribals, to a sustainable income that will stop migration for work, resulting in the final reward of more dignity, better health and access to education.

  1. Project Name: Stepergy

Location: Rural Morocco

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 1 year

Parent Organization: Enactus Morocco

Website: http://www.enactus-morocco.org

Project Funding Breakdown:

Plexiglass             $2800

Motors  $350

Fastrolling element          $750

Transport/employee        $1000

Rope      $300

Personalized bag full of weight    $300

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the Grant:  1 billion people aren't connected to electricity. The absence of this essential resource makes it impossible for such populations to perform a number of simple tasks, and even harder for children to study or do their homework at night. Stepergy is a device that generates light by lifting a weight and it doesn't need any other external energy. It is essentially composed of a pulley, gearings, a Led and a bag. To operate the device, you just have to lift, with the aid of the pulley, the weight of the bag, which falls gradually. Once the bag reaches the ground, it is simply lifted to repeat the process. Since the cost point of a single Stepergy is $30, the DG funds will allow production of 180 devices, and hence change the lives of 180 families lacking access to electricity. The population will have access to clean, renewable and sustainable lighting.

  1. Project Name: Trash Hero World

Location: Worldwide

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 1 year

Parent Organization: n/a

Website: http://www.trashhero.org

Project Funding Breakdown:

3666 Trash Hero Kid's Story Books             $5500

Purpose of the Grant:

Trash Hero creates sustainable, community-based projects that clean and reduce waste. Currently operating 106 projects in locations across 11 countries (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Singapore, China, USA, Zimbabwe, Czech Republic and Switzerland), weekly cleanups allow people to gain an understanding of the waste problem in a hands-on way. Our educational programs at schools and universities ensure future generations start tackling the issue early on. Trash Hero created a kid's storybook to engage children and motivate them to complete a series of challenges to clean and reduce waste in their everyday lives. With the DG funds we can purchase 3666 Trash Hero Kid's Story Books. These materials for educational programs will be provided free of charge to schools and community groups in Southeast Asia.

HEALTHThere is one grant available. Please vote for ONLY one project.

  1. Project Name: L'Association Kaoutar Pour La Protection de L'enfant – Kaoutar, For Child Protection

Location: Rabat, Morocco

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: more than 8 years

Parent Organization: University Hospital Ibn Sina Rabat

Website: n/a

Project Funding Breakdown:

Day Care for three children for one year  $1260

Artificial leg (prosthesis) $2000

Medical Exams for 16 children     $2240

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the Grant: The DG funds will help the Kaoutar project provide an initial fund to allow the single mothers to maintain their jobs, establishing financial independence and keep the children from dropping out of school for financial and physical reasons. It also will provide medicine, milk powder, and daycare for children from single mothers' homes or abusive homes, and to help maintain the children's mental and physical health. It will also provide for three children for one-year day care, one child for an artificial leg (prosthesis), and 16 children for medicine and medical exams.

  1. Project Name: 2019 Fistula Foundation Fistula Repair Surgery Program

Location: Africa and Asia

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 12 years

Parent Organization: Fistula Foundation

Website: http://www.fistulafoundation.org

Project Funding Breakdown:

Fistula Repair Surgery $ 586 X 9   $5274

Project Monitoring and Evaluation             $226

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the GrantFistula Foundation provides funding for women to receive free, safe obstetric fistula repair surgery through trusted partners in Africa and Asia. Obstetric fistula is a childbirth injury caused by prolonged and obstructed labor that leaves a woman incontinent of urine or feces or both. A woman with a fistula is too often rejected by her family and shunned from her village due to her foul smell. Obstetric fistula most commonly occurs among women who live in low-resource countries, who give birth without access to medical help and the only cure is surgical treatment. On average, the cost of one fistula repair surgery is $586 USD. The DG funds will restore 9 women with their dignity and give them hope for a new future.

  1. Project Name: Hydraulic Lifting Platform

Location: Aberdeen, Scotland

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 2 years

Parent Organization: n/a

Website: n/a

Project Funding Breakdown:

Hydraulic Lifting Platform              $5500

Purpose of the GrantWe are a dedicated group of volunteers who are determined to provide access to treatment for patients with conditions known to benefit from therapeutic riding groups provided by hippo therapy. There are no comparable treatments within the Grampian and Highland region in Scotland. Our aim is to provide hippotherapy to adults and children with a range of different physical disabilities. A hydraulic lifting platform would allow us to accommodate disabled adults, those requiring a larger horse and to wheelchair users, many of whom at the present time we have had to decline. We currently have a shortfall in funds required to purchase this lift. The DG funds would address this shortfall and allow us to place an order.

  1. Project Name: Nokor Tep Women's Hospital

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: nearly 20 years

Parent Organization: Nokor Tep Foundation

Website: http://www.nokor-tep.net

Project Funding Breakdown:

1 video Colposcope for checking cervices for cancer and STD's       $4000

Service and maintenance for 3 years         $1500

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the GrantLess than 15% of women in Cambodia have access to health care. When a woman becomes too sick, the family will often sell all that they own, including their children, for treatment. This hospital will help all women have access to healthcare, regardless of their ability to pay. The DG funds will be used to purchase a video colposcope, providing early diagnosis and intervention of gynecological problems. Women in Cambodia tend to become sexually active at a young age and have little to no access to over-the-counter treatments for simple infections. Left untreated, these infections will progress into more serious diseases. The colposcope can be used to assess 20 women each day or 5,000 each year. The benefit is early detection, treatment and a positive outcome.


  1. Project Name: Project Poshan

Location: Powai, Mumbai, India

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: more than 8 years

Parent Organization: Foundation for Mother & Child Health

Website: http://www.fmch-india.org

Project Funding Breakdown:

Salary of two field officers for 12 months               $5213

Expense towards large-and-small scale community events towards promotion of maternal and child health and nutrition         $287

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the GrantSince 2014 Project Poshan works to ensure all women and children have a healthy life, especially during their first 1000 days of life (day one of pregnancy to age two). It is a well-established fact that proper nutrition, health during the first thousand days of a child's life is the key factor in ensuring that they survive and reach their potential. In urban Mumbai, almost 50% of pregnant women are anemic and dealing with chronic malnutrition, which poses a serious threat to their own health during the pregnancy as well as that of their unborn child. The DG funds will enable the organization to continue its First 1000 Day's initiative, which has been designed specifically to tackle the issue of malnutrition during this critical period of a mother and child's life.

  1. Project Name: Sophumelela, Health Care Program

Location: East London, South Africa

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 2 years

Parent Organization: First City Baptist Church

Website: showme.co.za/east-london/showme-cares/hivaids/sophumelela-centre-2/

Project Funding Breakdown:

Stationery: Field Worker Training (flip charts, markers, exam pad and exercise books)

Program Reporting: A4 ream papers for assessment tools such as progress reports, client registers, notebooks to record home visits, client files, etc. $900

HIV Refresher Training    $4600

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the GrantStigma associated with HIV/AIDS is a very significant stumbling block in having a sustainable HIV/AIDS program. We established a group of community workers that is doing regular home visits, counseling and health education with the vision of reducing stigma and improving adherence to anti-retroviral treatment. The DG funds will allow us an expansion of the Community Home Based Care, including more home visits with the periodic supervision of the supervisor. We also would like to strengthen the education offered to the Community Health Care workers enabling them to share technical information in the fullest confidence.

  1. Project Name: Suite 109

Location: Surrey, England

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 10 years

Parent Organization: Peterson's Fund for Children

Website: www.petersonsfundforchildren.org

Project Funding Breakdown:

Marketing expenditure to increase visibility and online presence    $4000

Purchase of equipment to facilitate sales and build a customer base            $1500

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the GrantPeterson's Fund for Children buys specialty equipment for children struggling with severe mental and physical disabilities. Money raised so far has dramatically changed the lives of many children: Martin received new leg splints and walked unassisted for the first time. Dexter receives hydrotherapy, reducing muscle rigidity and increasing mobility. Preetha now gets out of her wheelchair and in her corner-seat can straighten her legs and play on the floor. A new, unique fundraising idea was developed: Suite 109, a charity fancy dress shop offering over 10,000 donated costumes and accessories to the local community and beyond. Funds are being raised and people from all walks of life are participating. But we need the DG funds to grow so we can take our idea to the next level. Please help the children and us with the next step!

  1. Project Name: Support Group for Anglophones Touched by Cancer

Location: Paris and Ile-de-France region, France

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 4 years

Parent Organization: Cancer Support France

Website: www.cancersupportfrance.org

Project Funding Breakdown:

Meeting room supplies: coffee maker, coffee, milk, napkins, stirrers

Tea, paper towels, garbage bags, water, tissues, misc. snacks        $380

Honorarium for facilitator             $225

Space rental        $4895

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the GrantCancer is a brutal and lonely disease; talking and being with people with whom one can share the experience honestly is helpful and, in some cases, may be healing. Our clients often feel isolated and need tangible evidence of a community. There is nothing resembling this in the Paris region, very little in the way of emotional and practical support for those who prefer to express themselves in English; we receive queries for it regularly and are confident this group would provide a notable service. The DG funds would permit us to rent appropriate space and hire a specialized facilitator to run this group.


HUMAN RIGHTS There are two grants available. Please vote for ONLY TWO projects.

  1. Project Name: More Than Just a Cup of Coffee: Barista Skills Provide Dignified Work to Survivors of Human Trafficking

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 3 years

Parent Organization: Not For Sale International

Website(s): wearenotforsale.nl , eatwelldogood.nl

Project Funding Breakdown:

Barista Trainer Salary      $3205

Milk       $682

Coffee maker and filters $197

Coffee grinder    $139

Curriculum printing          $74

White aprons and shirts  $464

Excursions (coffee roasters and suppliers for coffee tastings)          $739

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the GrantThis project will give survivors of human trafficking the chance to find dignified work by completing barista training. The DG funds will enable Not For Sale Netherlands (NFS) to expand their current culinary training to include coffee preparation. The funds will be used to pay the salary of the professional barista trainer and to pay for supplies and the curriculum. The goal of this sustainable project is to give women the skills to find employment as baristas at the two restaurants run by NFS, or with other companies offering internships and ultimately, full time employment. The project will give survivors the opportunity to build an independent life and prevent them from returning into the hands of traffickers.

  1. Project Name: Press Start

Location: Paris, France and Southern France

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 7 years

Parent Organization: n/a

Website: www.yesakademia.ong/en

Project Funding Breakdown:

Two weeks food for participants and staff in immersion program  $2000

Sleeping at the farm and hostel in Toulouse for participants and staff in the immersion program               $3000

Pedagogical tools to print for participants ‐ booklets to build up business plan for social enterprises               $200

Graduation ceremony for youth participants (t-shirts, photos, diplomas)     $300

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the Grant:

Press Start (PS) is an innovative empowerment and social entrepreneurship program by YES Akademia (YAKA) for youth from marginalized backgrounds from all over France, 45% of whom don't have the resources or confidence to participate in this type of qualitative program. Thanks to the DG funds, PS will accompany 15 youth/year for a 2-week immersion and 1-year mentorship. The 5th edition in May 2019 will have 1-week on a farm in the South of France (Tarn), to do WWOOFING while building up their business plans and 1 week in Toulouse and Albi to meet inspirational entrepreneurs. The youth will have increased access and opportunities to increase their soft and technical skills to succeed to boost their projects and transform their lives.

  1. Project Name: Safely Away: Breaking the Cycle of Gender-Based Violence in Vulnerable Communities

Location: Region of Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders, Belgium

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 5 years

Parent Organization: n/a

Website: www.oasisbe.com

Project Funding Breakdown:

Safety Plan translation into Dutch and French        $700

Printing 2,500 copies of the Safety Plan in Dutch, French, Thai and English  $1,800

Oasis personnel costs for dissemination of Safety Plan and training others in its use               $1,250

Oasis staff and volunteer transport costs for dissemination activities           $250

Small group activities in the community    $800

Large community training and dissemination event at local Thai Buddhist Temple    $700

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the Grant: Southeast Asian immigrant women in Belgium are at risk of becoming trapped in situations of gender-based violence, due to cultural, linguistic, legal and economic factors. Safely Away will empower women to break cycles of violence for themselves and their children, while assisting community leaders to become resources and allies. The DG funds will allow Oasis to translate, print and disseminate 2,500 copies of its Safety Plan, designed to help women in violent relationships plan safe exits (temporary and permanent). Oasis staff members will provide small-group and personalized training on the use of the Safety Plan as part of its ongoing support to at-risk women. Oasis will also change the culture surrounding gender-based violence by training community leaders on relevant issues, and on support for at-risk women.

  1. Project Name: Serve the City Dublin

Location: Terenure, County Dublin, Ireland

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: over 2 years

Parent Organization: Serve the City Dublin

Website: www.servethecity.ie

Project Funding Breakdown:

Personal protection equipment: dust masks, gloves            $500

Project equipment: plastic sheeting, paint and brushes, rollers, cleaning supplies, movers and electric trimmers, cutting tools, rental equipment, to include extension ladders, bin and removal services.               $4400

Indirect overhead costs: insurance and governance, etc.   $550

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the GrantServe the City Dublin is an all-volunteer charity that provides a unique service to the vulnerable and marginalized population in the Dublin area at risk of homelessness. Serve the City works to help keep individuals in their homes and live independently when a combination of low income as well as limited physical/mental abilities place their homes at risk. Upon referral from a social worker, an STC project coordinator interacts with these individuals to assess their needs and how to best meet them. Services include de-cluttering, painting and wallpapering, gardening and yard clearing. STC provides tools and necessary materials needed for these projects. Though these may sound like simple tasks, they are simply beyond the capabilities of the recipients. The DG funds will cover the cost of 970 volunteer hours; we would anticipate 50 clients benefiting directly from the grant.

  1. Project Name: The Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece

Location: Athens, Greece

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 30 years

Parent Organization: n/a

Website: www.fte.org.gr

Project Funding Breakdown:

Purchase of the 4 books in Greek & English to be converted             $102.51

Purchase of materials (spirals, tracing paper, back cover, etc.)        $227.78

Scanning & creation of the electronic file forms, processing of this file for total accessibility by screen readers and transcription in Braille.           $569.45

Printing in Braille of 8 copies of Braille format, labor costs and Purchase of Braille paper      $4,600.26

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the Grant: The Lighthouse for the Blind of Greece, operating since 1946, has been supporting the blind and visually impaired, indiscriminately, to the maximum extent that includes their social integration, but most importantly enhancing means of broadening their educational needs, development of skills, abilities and dexterities in order for them to succeed in their professional and social rehabilitation. The Lighthouse's Braille library is in crucial need for the conversion of Homer's Epic Poems – Iliad and Odyssey from both Modern Greek and English into an accessible format of electronic and written format Braille. These conversions of Homer's Epic Poems will give the blind and visually impaired beneficiaries, equal access to finally learn about these masterpieces of ancient Greek history that are a part of their Greek heritage, but also the opportunity to share them with other blind people around the world.

  1. Project Name: Training Potties for Refugees

Location: Greece

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 3 years

Parent Organization: Carry the Future

Website: www.carrythefuture.org

Project Funding Breakdown:

Training potties at $3 per potty = 1,833 potties     $5499

TOTAL:  $5499

Purpose of the GrantRefugee camps have an immense need for training potties. Conditions, which may include shared bathrooms and cleanliness concerns, make training without training potties very difficult, and many refugee children have extra difficulty potty training due to significant trauma. As a result, children stay in diapers longer than they might otherwise, putting additional strain on families, as diapers are very expensive. Earlier potty training is also better for the environment, as it saves unnecessary waste. At the current purchase price, the DG funds will allow CTF to purchase 1,833 training potties for refugee families in camps in Greece. Due to the nature of refugee communities, we expect that once each family is finished training, they likely will pass along each potty to additional families.

  1. Project Name: Zaidi ya Dreams "Rebuilding After the Fire!" boys' toilets

Location: Kamiti, Kiambu County, Nairobi, Kenya

Application Club's Length of Affiliation: 2 and a half years

Parent Organization: n/a

Website: www.zaidiyadreams.wordpress.com

Project Funding Breakdown:

Purchase and relocation of one 20' shipping container       $2200

Cutting & installing doors, windows & partitions   $1595

Supply, install 3 toilets + 3 showers & connect to the septic system               $855

Tile floors & walls, paint & install lights     $850

TOTAL:  $5500

Purpose of the GrantZaidi ya Dreams, in Kimiti, a suburb of Nairobi, Kenya, runs a home for 18 abandoned and abused babies and young children. A devastating electrical fire broke out while the children were sleeping in February 2018. Everyone escaped unharmed but everything was lost. The bedrooms and girls toilet/shower block were quickly re-built in shipping containers on their new site. The DG funds would allow Zaidi to build a shower and toilet block for the boys, which is essential for basic sanitation and living conditions. This will allow these traumatized children to re-establish routines in a safe, nurturing environment. Completing the rebuilding will allow Zaidi to once again function as a community example of providing high quality care for abandoned and at-risk children, at low cost, including reintegrating children back into their families and providing in-home support.